Jerry Hill was a man of God who understood self-sacrifice in a day when everyone is out for themselves. A day when most Christians are satisfied simply to show up for church one hour a week then go back home to their comfortable lives. When some would allow the issue of desiring to simply sleep in to deter them from worship. He was a rare man who looked at church as an opportunity to serve God and his neighbors instead of seeking how the church could serve him. He did not worry about what benefit that he recieved from going. He only wanted to be near his brothers and sisters in Christ, and more importantly, in God’s Presence. One might ask, can a church, or more specifically, Mecca replace a man like Jerry? There are three things about Jerry that must be mentioned before one can arrive at an answer to this question: He was a man of prayer, He was a servant of God, and He loved his family. First, Jerry was someone who prayed beautiful sounding prayers. But one must understand that these were not showy prayers. These prayers could only come from someone who had an initimate relationship with Jesus Christ. These prayers covered all the bases. If there was a problem, Jerry was one of, if not the, first to pray with whoever needed prayer. He understood the need for intercession. Oh, if only more Christians would understand this concept! He was willing to seek and listen during prayer; it was not just a one-way conversation. Jerry would not be satisfied to sit on the sidelines and let others serve. He was ALWAYS one of the first to get his feet wet by jumping in in support of a ministry. He did not depend on the pastor to do ministry because he understood what it means to be part of the universal priesthood in God’s Kingdom. Jerry went on visitation, had prayer groups, taught Sunday school, performed care ministries such as hospital and shut-in visits, encourage his pastors with his faith, led men’s groups, and even spoke at other churches. Many realize that he looked at giving as a part of being a servant. He did not let money stand between him and helping someone. Finally, Jerry was a man, with the help of his wife, who led his family into a relationship with Christ. He got up everyday and%2


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